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Rafting in the summer holiday in the province of Salzburg, Austria
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ACTIVE SUMMER HOLIDAY in the Salzburger Land region, Austria

Your Gründlers holiday team and our selected partners for "adventure & fun" invite you to take part in the active summer lifestyle within the Salzburg mountains in the heart of Austria.

Summer lifts in the Ski amadé network

Austria's largest skiing paradise has much to offer in the summer as well. The family-friendly region invites you to go cableway-hiking, biking, summer tobogganing, or to experience many more adventures!

Summer in the Ski amadé network
Summer in the Ski amadé network
Rafting in Salzburg waters

Summer fun for any type of weather! With rafting, there IS no bad weather. Exciting surges, rollers and rapids will shoot you downstream. We provide the right equipment for you so that you can enjoy a carefree rafting experience. Trained guides explain exactly how it's done before each raft tour to ensure your safety.

River bug

The ultimate white-water sport that is brand new in Austria and has already a huge fan base! Imagine a kayak, a hydro speeder, a rafting boat and an air mattress have a baby – this would be a River Bug! For the beginner tours you need no prior knowledge ...just book it and see!

Kayaking in Salzburg

Hello all you happy paddlers! Imagine yourself in a kayak silently gliding through the rapids with the fresh spray in your face, your lashes batting as you go over a steep waterfall down into the foaming depths...

White-water kayaking requires a certain degree of skill and experience. The best conditions to safely learn the basics are guaranteed on our partner’s kayak complex. The Boat Hut is located right on the lake along with the adjoining “Bebirgsbach WW ½” white-water run.


Canyoning is more than just a water sport. It's fun, it's adventurous, it's nature, and above all else it's thrilling!  Swim, jump, slide and abseil over impressive waterfalls. The water flow itself has etched out the route we take, where crystal clear waters, high foaming cliffs and sunrays meet. An experience you will never forget!

Caving tours


The impressive underground world, mysterious and fascinating at the same time, gives you an experience that you won't forget. With expert guidance you enter into an unknown world, full of surprises and adventures. Caves are unique, have slightly vulnerable ecosystems, and are excellent evidences of geological processes. We therefore only go in small groups (maximum 8-10 persons) and take only the necessary equipment.

High ropes course


Located in the Salzburg Ski Amadé region, known throughout the world as one of the best skiing areas in Austria, we have built this one-of-a-kind high-ropes course located on the beautiful Winklersee bathing lake. It has a platform height of 9 metres and boasts 20 different exercises that require all your nerve and courage. One of the main attractions is the 150 metre-long zip line across the lake, floating you over the water which is the next best thing to flying! The entire system was tested by the National Technical Inspection and Certification Agency (TÜV), is certified according to European standards and monitored continuously. This means maximum safety.

Alpine Park

A unique high-ropes and climbing complex in Flachau, Alpine Park is suitable for beginners to experts with its different levels of difficulty. Tackle several suspended or hanging bridges up to 40 m off the ground. The high point is the climbing of the 20 m high Spider Web followed by an extremely difficult ascent culminating in a Flying Fox. Well secured, you will overcome all difficulties in this climbing trail system. Thrills guaranteed!

Mountain climbing – mountaineering

More than 200 years ago we began to conquer the peaks of the Alps. Today at the beginning of the 21st century, the mountains have lost none of their fascination and they remain the place where individuals can still find adventure. Often you find yourself dreaming of a mountain and this sudden desire comes upon you to climb to its summit or climb on other famous routes. Our carefully selected partners will ensure the best schedule, safety and choice of route for your group...go and experience these majestic mountains!

Sport climbing – climbing trails – rock climbing
Climbing in Salzburg


More than just hiking, more than just climbing, sport climbing is some of both.

Climbing trails are also called iron trails or “via ferrata”, because you climb over steel heads and pins and are secured by steel rope. Here the tranquillity of mountain climbing merges with the intense physical activity and components of climbing into an amazing experience.

With classic rock climbing you do not need the help of a steel rope as the natural structures of the rock surface alone are enough to climb upwards. Under the expert leadership of the mountain guide you will easily master this challenge.


To fly is one of mankind’s oldest dreams, and here you can fulfill that dream without engine noise or fuel. When paragliding with our chosen guides you can experience this indescribable feeling that will stay with you for ever!

Zorbing – a ride in the mega ball


The zorb is a large, inflatable ball of transparent polyurethane (TPU) 3.20 meters in diameter. Inside is a second polyurethane ball 1.80 m in diameter, which is connected to the outside with a network of nearly 1000 webbing cords, as used in climbing. The Zorbonaut is protected by the bubble formed on inflation. Access to the inner sphere is via a tunnel and an adult can stand up comfortably in the Zorb.




You make giant loops, each spin is different, you lose your bearings, you make it jump, you arrive in a sweat – wow! For the audience, it looks like a short, fun ride but it is a truly unforgettable experience for the Zorbonaut.

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